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Well, first off, I don't know if GundamCraft will work on a Mac or a PC.
It's unsure whether one is really needed for the Mac because the TC could
work on Macs. If you want to make one though, you need a program called
StarDraft which can downloaded at Camelot Systems.

Then go to and go to the tutorials sections; look up the
custom tutorial.

That tutorial will cover the basics of converting unit graphics, but won't
cover many of the things I'm doing. The program I use to make the sprites
is 3D Studio Max. I model/render/animate all the graphics in 3DS and then
compile them in Photoshop. After I make all the individual frames, you
need a program called RetroGRP or GFX2BMP to compile all the frames into
the GRP format that SC reads.

>I could try to do it on a MAC if you're not. What programs do I need and
>what files would I be editing? What program do you use to draw and
>animate the sprites?
>>GundamCraft is my idea and I'm unsure whether it will run both on Mac and
>>PC, but I guess you can give it a try. I'm estimating it will be done at
>>the end of this year, as it's a one man project. My project. :) Also,
>>it's a pretty close complete remake of SC graphics and some unit stats, not
>>an expansion or anything like that. It will hopefully feature campaigns
>>when I'm completed the conversion. Only time can tell.
>>>Is Gundam Craft going to be a patch or add on? Will it work on both PC
>>>and MAC versions? When will it be finished? I was just curious because I
>>>like starcraft a lot, and the idea of a Gundam version is pure genius :-)
>>>Who's idea was it?
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