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>I could more readily accept an MMP-90 (MS Machine Pistol, 90mm) than an MMP-80
>(MS Machine Pistol, Year 80 or 80th version) as a 1YW weapon....

        Yup, I was wondering about that too.. My personal view is that it
should be called MMP-90, to reflect the calibur.

>> IIRC, the 100mm was only used by RGM-79G/ RGM-79GS Command GM right?
>>And the Gelgoog F/Fs has a 110mm in each forearm. Without proper ballistic
>>data from these weapons, we'll probably be jumping to conclusions here.
>Jumping to conclusions is what we do best here. (^_^);;

        OH! Now we know for sure! =)

>You may've confused the RGM-79[G] and RGM-79G. The former carried a 100mm
>MG, the latter a 90mm. The RGM-79GS GM Command Space Type had a beam spray
        Dug out my copy of the Gundam Mechanics to check..(I'm in school
right now, and I so _happen_ to have the book with me.. Funny how some
things just seem to happen, doesn't it? =)

        Yes, I confused the 79[G] and 79G, mainly because the 79G had two
version of their 90mm SMG. I thought one of them will be a "upgraded" 100mm.

>The 120mm MG is also identified as the MMP-78, which again seems to
>indicate a year. Maybe the MMP-80 was issued a year ahead of time, like
>Microsoft Office 2000....

        LOL! Perhaps, perhaps.. =)

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