Stuart Ng (
Sun, 06 Jun 1999 19:02:58 -0700

GundamCraft is my idea and I'm unsure whether it will run both on Mac and
PC, but I guess you can give it a try. I'm estimating it will be done at
the end of this year, as it's a one man project. My project. :) Also,
it's a pretty close complete remake of SC graphics and some unit stats, not
an expansion or anything like that. It will hopefully feature campaigns
when I'm completed the conversion. Only time can tell.


>Is Gundam Craft going to be a patch or add on? Will it work on both PC
>and MAC versions? When will it be finished? I was just curious because I
>like starcraft a lot, and the idea of a Gundam version is pure genius :-)
>Who's idea was it?

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