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>>the forest to find them is another. Much better to draw them out to where
>>they can be dealt with on your own terms, which is exactly what the
>>Federation did.
>>Having a spy and traitor in their midst is, of course, even better....
> Do I detect a hint of sacarsm here? =]

Not at all. I was merely pointing out that Jamitov had left very little to
chance and was hedging his bets all the way to the bank.

> Still, the cost of not doing anything was very high. Ahh.. the
>benefits of hindsight.

Actually, the cost was already factored in from the beginning. At the risk
of going OT again, what we have in 0083 is The Phantom Menace, with Jamitov
playing the part of Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidious. He secretly sponsors
Delaz and aids behind the scenes with Operation Stardust -- it's no
coincidence that the nuke is virtually unguarded if Jamitov plans on the
Zeon revenants getting it -- in order to create the crisis from which he
and Basque Ohm will save the Feds.

Okay, so the majority of the Naval Review is sacrificed. Jamitov can make
sure that those loyal to him are either away on some excuse or situated on
the side opposite from Gato's attack, which is already known to him.
Similarly, he can make sure that those who oppose him are situated as close
to Ground Zero as possible. Net result: Federation military forces are
drastically reduced and the power and influence of his people increases in
proportion. Furthermore, he and his people will be in charge of recruiting
new members to replace those who were killed in action.

Also, the Menace is much more credible with heavy losses. "They destroyed
out fleet and all those fine young men and women in the worst sneak attack
since Pearl Harbor, then destroyed the 'Breadbasket' of North America in an
act of wanton terrorism. My news Titans peacekeeping force will answer the
challenge of these monsters and any who support them in the only language
they understand: raw, naked force!" [cue Duel Of The Fates]

Delaz and his forces are destroyed, Jamitov's political opponents are
either killed or neutralized, popular sentiment is swung his way ... and
all it cost were a few hundred ships and crews, many of which would
otherwise have been problematic anyway.


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