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On Sun, 06 Jun 1999 01:04:27 -0700 Stuart Ng <silentaxis@geocities.com>
> Considering how the siege tank sprite was created, I can't change it
into a
> mech as much as I would want it to be. The siege tank turret turns
> 360 and I can't change that. Also, how the seige tank is; it's
> into 4 different sprites. Two for siege mode and two for tank mode.
> sprite of each of those groups are divided into the turret and it's
> The turret turns 360 obviously and is a still frame for several
> The base is the only thing which animates.

Maybe this will look goofy, but how about designing the image such that
Nu is the base, and the deployed Funnels are the Turret. If you can't do
a Nu to
Hi-Nu transformation, do an unshielded Nu to Beam-shielded Nu. Basically,
standard mode you have an image of the Nu with Funnels deployed. Then for

Seige mode you have a second pattern of Funnels spread out and form a
Beam shield. Either way, the Nu-Gundam is the base, and Funnels act as
> Also, I can't replace the wraith with a Salamis because the units are
> programmed to move at a certain speed. And at this time, StarDraft
> allow me to modify speeds of units.

You don't need to change the speed, just the image. If you haven't
already done
the air units for the Fed side, how about these:
Wraith = Waverider Zeta, Zeta Plus, Zeta Zeta, or GP-03
Science Vessel = La Vien Rose
Dropship = White Base or Ahgama
Battlecruiser = Birmingham, Lar Khairam, or GP-03

No need to change the speeds or attributes, just the images. If you do
want to
add attributes to one of them, let the Dropship have a very weak gun of

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