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>>> But if that seems strange, since Delaz's HQ is on his ship, and I
>>>don't think a MS production facility can be built onto a warship..
>>Delaz's ship is the flagship of his fleet, but it's not his HQ. That's the
>>"Thorn Garden" -- the remains of a colony in the "Shoal Zone" or "Asteroid
>>Sector" around Side 5 (L1). It had all of the facilities necessary to
>>repair ships and maintain and develop MS.
> Ah. That makes things clearer. So he had access to production
>facilities, more than sufficient to help him wage a war against the
>Federation. This makes him a Warlord in effect... Wonder why the Federation
>didn't do anything about him until 3 years after the OYW.

Mainly because, until he started Operation Stardust, it would've been more
trouble than it was worth to go in after him. Knowing that a bunch of
renegades is holed up in Sherwood Forest is one thing, sending troops into
the forest to find them is another. Much better to draw them out to where
they can be dealt with on your own terms, which is exactly what the
Federation did.

Having a spy and traitor in their midst is, of course, even better....


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