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>Why would the model numbers *NOT* reflect the year of [a] manufacture or
>[b] acceptance for service? In either case, the weapon could not have gone
>into service prior to the year reflected in the model number.

        I can't name any examples offhand, but manufacturing serial number
doesn't need to be reflected by year. As the actual numbering system for
Gundam weapons is not widely known, I rather not assume that the "80" in the
number "MMP-80" means that it is produced in 0080. In any case, that wasn't
my question, and the manual did say the MMP-80 was used in the later parts
of the OYW.

>Likewise the intermediate 100mm, which may be presumed to be higher
>velocity than the 120mm but lower velocity than the 90mm.

        IIRC, the 100mm was only used by RGM-79G/ RGM-79GS Command GM right?
And the Gelgoog F/Fs has a 110mm in each forearm. Without proper ballistic
data from these weapons, we'll probably be jumping to conclusions here.

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