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>>> All true. (How old is Uraki, BTW?)
>>Had Tomino been scripting these, Kou and Bernie would've been 15 (like
>>Amuro) and Nina and Chris would've been 17 (like Sayla)....
> Does Tomino have a teenager fetish or something? =)
> Or maybe a fascination with older women? =)

No more than, say, Leiji Matsumoto.

The target audience for these stories are [a] young males approaching
manhood and [b] older males revisiting their days of innocence.

In any case, almost every child, male or female, goes through a period of
hero worship for an older member of the same sex and infatuation ("puppy
love") for an older member of the opposite sex. A young man in love with
an older woman will do just about anything to impress her and will often
ignore the obvious interest of a young woman of his own age. This scenario
plays out many times in a lot of Japanese anime, not just the works of Tomino.

Gundam Wing gave us *five* 15-year-old boys piloting Gundams, with a wide
range of love interests, and Tomino had nothing to do with it.


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