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>> A 90mm
>>MMP-*79* could've replaced the "old" 120mm during the 1YW, but not an
> Well, this is assuming the weapons are tagged by year. In the MG
>Zaku II manual, it says that the 120mm is used in the early days of OYW, and
>the 90mm in the later days of OYW.

Why would the model numbers *NOT* reflect the year of [a] manufacture or
[b] acceptance for service? In either case, the weapon could not have gone
into service prior to the year reflected in the model number.

And we have plenty of examples of model numbers being year-oriented, albeit
on the Federation side. But the MMP weapons are all retcons, introduced
ten years after the original Gundam series, along with the "UNT"
nomenclature (now in the process of being undone by "EFSF") and the influx
of real world (and thus over a century old) sidearms for both human and MS.

> I think you actually misunderstood my question. My question is
>actually whether there is a military reason for switching to the 90mm
>instead of retaining the 120mm, like maybe they lost the production facility
>for the 120mm (unlikely) or some such.

The trend over the past half century has been away from high-caliber,
low-velocity rounds toward low-caliber, high-velocity rounds. F=mv^2 no
matter how you slice it, but a smaller round has the advantage of
concentrating the energy onto a smaller area.

So, presuming that the 90mm round has a higher muzzle velocity than the
120mm round, yes, there's a valid military reason for switching to the 90mm.

Likewise the intermediate 100mm, which may be presumed to be higher
velocity than the 120mm but lower velocity than the 90mm.


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