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At 08:14 PM 6/4/99 , Lim Jyue wrote:
>At 13:20 6/4/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>Agree. When I mentioned Uraki's deed my view was
>>purely on 2 excellent prototype MSs got wasted & the
>>best one (GP03 Dendrobium MA) underachieved. Comparing
> Underachieved? I don't think so. The GP03 did well, but it had
>support to exploit the hole it opened, so the suit was wasted. Kou did
>managed to break through to the colony, but even the GP03 didn't pack
>firepower to flatten a colony. In terms of it's purpose (strategic
>control/breakthrough) it did well enough, even with Kou at the controls.
>Without the Federation Fleet following him through, there was absolutely
>chance he could have destroyed the colony on his own.

For me, the whole idea of Gundam Project is this: GP02 is to launch nuke
at either a fleet or a large installation. GP01 is GP02's escort, to
fight off the pesky defense systems such as MS or space fighters. GP03
is for mop up operation after GP01 & GP02 is done with the initial
attack. And as we mentioned before, Anaheim sort of got carry away, and
started to build GP04 before that funding was cut by Federation. GP04
was completed as Gerbera Tetra, with performance parameter similar to
GP01. Perhaps, GP04 was originally meant to be the escort for GP03,
except unlike GP02, GP03 is more than capable of wiping out a whole
squadron of MS by itself so an escort isn't necessary.

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