Lim Jyue (
Sat, 05 Jun 1999 19:47:53 +0800

        Well, I finally finished the Mk. II. =)

        A few things that I discovered:

        1) The basic body framework is great, and the individual weapons are
wonderful.. But, when you try to put the lot together, the MG fails. The
weapons in particular, as both the beam rifle and the bazooka can't be
gripped properly by the hands.. I think the designers just upscaled the old
HG weapons and didn't check if the hands can grip.

        2) The shield is a bit too heavy for the polycap, as it tends to
fall out. It's not as bad as what I hear about the GP02A's shield, but still..

        Also, I can't seem to make the shield stays locked at extended, as
it pops loose quite frequently. Short of gluing it into place, is there any
way to solve the above 2 problems?

        Otherwise, an excellent kit, with great arm and leg mobility. Looks
cool too, except when you put on those wierd stereophone vulcans. =)

Lim Jyue
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