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>> > That's why the Gundam shouldn't be there when the missile
>> goes off. =D.
>> Why get that close? Can you say GP-02? I knew you could. ^_^
>> (incidentally, one of the Star Wars RPG books contains a scene
>> where Lando flys the Falcon into the hangar bay of the Executor - in
>> order to shake off some Tie Fighters! ^_^)
>Could you imagine if that scene had shown up in the movie?

        I haven't been able to work out whether it was actually
something that was dropped from the film (one report says that Lando and
the Falcon were actually going to be destroyed in an early draft
script), or whether West End Games made it up completely...
        Or do you mean the GP-02 turning up and nuking the Imperial
Fleet...? (just kidding!) ^_^

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