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>> what's the MS-21C? I've never hear of it, unless you
>That's it! actually Dra-C does have arms: its 'right
>arms is a 40mm machine cannon (that's tell u how
>cash-strapped Delaz Fleet is) & its left arm is
>attached to a shield equipped w/ a beam-sabre.

        IIRC, the MS-21C is also a rammer, sort of a Kamikaze MS.

>remember in the OVA they fixed & tuned up the MSs
>before the Solomon mission inside the Musai & other
>ships? The Dra-Cs r created in these workshops
>utilizing unuseable Zaku IIs & other spare parts
>wherever they can find.

        Fixing up and tuning is simple to do, even in the field. Even
kitbashing things like the 21Cs is possible. It's like producing totally new
MSes that is bugging me. Even given the fact that Delaz was in charge of a
whole fleet, the number of MSes he used in both the nuking of tne Naval
Review and the following Operation Stardust is very high.. He must have a
source of new MSes somewhere. Munitions, too.. he either had a factory, or
someone else is selling to him on the sly.

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