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> what's the MS-21C? I've never hear of it, unless you

> are refering to the blue, legless, armless MS that
> looks so Kawaii.. =)

That's it! actually Dra-C does have arms: its 'right
arms is a 40mm machine cannon (that's tell u how
cash-strapped Delaz Fleet is) & its left arm is
attached to a shield equipped w/ a beam-sabre.

> But if that seems strange, since Delaz's HQ is on
> ship, and I don't think a MS production facility can

> be built onto a warship..

remember in the OVA they fixed & tuned up the MSs
before the Solomon mission inside the Musai & other
ships? The Dra-Cs r created in these workshops
utilizing unuseable Zaku IIs & other spare parts
wherever they can find.

Colin Liu.
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