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> Still, MSes should be able to get onto the hulls of the SDs and
> start punching holes relatively easy. After all, they are more nimble than
> fighters, so that should help.

Not really. Star Wars fighter craft should be able to fly rings around Mobile
Suits with ease, do to their propulsion designs. A Mobile Suit still uses
basic chemical rockets while SW fighters use "Ion" engines and anti-grav. As
to dealing with SDs, MSs will only be affective if SDs are built like
spaceships in Gundam. And since we never really see an SD get destroyed by
just one well placed shot from a fighter sized attacker, there is no reason
to believe that a Gundam would be any more affective against an SD than
X-Wing. Of course, a dozen MSs armed with Megabeams could easily slice
through any SD like a hot knife through butter. But, again, only in numbers
and only if the SD isn't being defended by fighters. MSs are great against
spaceships, but maybe not so great against Starships.

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