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>> My guess is that Delaz will still continue with Operation Stardust, but
without Gato. Truth is, without the Neu Ziel or GP03, Operation Stardust
will still probably be a success without the majority of the Fed Fleet to
destroy the colony. It'll become a matter of GM vs. Zakus, Doms and
Gelgoogs, and that might have led to some very interesting battle scenes in
the shadow of the colony. =)
> Don't forget Cima. She's a great survivor, & she'll still do the
same things to Delaz & the Feds, so the outcome could still be the same.

        I didn't. All I'm saying is that there won't be any super MSes like
the Neu Ziel or GP03, and thus the battle for the colony will be much more
vicious, with both Delaz and the Fed trading fire - and ground - over the
colony, all the time trying to get into the colony to stablize it. Heck, we
might have gotten some very good footage of colony-city fighting as the MSes
take to the streets of the colony to fight for control.

        I wonder what Cima would have done here.. Sell out Delaz to the Fed
(probably) or continue with the Zeon Idealogy? Given her oppounistic nature,
she will probably sell Delaz out to earn a pardon, and get a place within
the Federation. Can you imagine Cima fighting for the AEUG or Titans in Zeta? =)

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