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> Let's play "What If?". Assuming Gato dies with Kou
> after the Naval Review, where Gato manages to add a
> significant number of cap ship kills to his credit,
> what would happen?
> My guess is that Delaz will still continue with
> Operation Stardust, but without Gato. Truth is,
> without the Neu Ziel or GP03, Operation Stardust
> will still probably be a success without the
> majority of the Fed Fleet to destroy the colony.
> It'll become a matter of GM vs. Zakus, Doms and
> Gelgoogs, and that might have led to some very
> interesting battle scenes in the shadow of the
> colony. =)

Don't forget Cima. She's a great survivor, & she'll
still do the same things to Delaz & the Feds, so the
outcome could still be the same.

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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