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>I suspect there are 2 reasons for this: 1) this 90mm
>'Tommy Gun' has better performance than the early
>120mm Zaku machine gun (such as higher firing rate,
>better armor-piercing power, etc), even though it has
>a smaller calibre.

        OIC! That's a pausible reason. Another one is that the 120mm is more
difficult to maintain than a 90mm. Think of the amount of barrel cleaning
the techs need to do on a 120mm.. =) heck, I think the techs can _crawl_
into the barrel!

>that's particularly the case for the rag-tag Delaz
>Fleet & the remnant Zeon holdovers on Earth after 0080.

        Talking about Delaz's fleet, where did Delaz get the ammunition?
scouraging from the old battlefields won't have sustained him for so long,
not with the massive ammunition expenditures in Operation Stardust. He could
have gotten them on the black market, but the cost will probably ruin him,
so he probably have a factory or has a manufacturer supplying him on the
sly. Any ideas?

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