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>situation where Kou would have had to go after Gato in the Powered GM
instead of the Gundam.

        And then he'll be dead. GP02A in the hands of Gato is definitely
better than Kou in a Powered GM.

>No, then it would be worse. Could you imagine the complaints that would
>come up if either Keith or Monsha ended up being the pilot of the GP-03?

        You're assuming that there will be a Neu Ziel. With Gato dead, the
chances of Axis "loaning" the Neu Ziel out to Cima is quite low. She'll most
likely be in the GP04/GT rather then the Neu Ziel, or maybe even in her old
Gelgoog Fs, which means Keith and Monsha actually have a chance at surviving
and maybe even killing her in their GMs.

        (Actually, throughout the whole show, I was hoping someone will put
a round through Monsha's cockpit, just to put the Albion's crew - and me -
out of their collective misery. =)

        Let's play "What If?". Assuming Gato dies with Kou after the Naval
Review, where Gato manages to add a significant number of cap ship kills to
his credit, what would happen?

        My guess is that Delaz will still continue with Operation Stardust,
but without Gato. Truth is, without the Neu Ziel or GP03, Operation Stardust
will still probably be a success without the majority of the Fed Fleet to
destroy the colony. It'll become a matter of GM vs. Zakus, Doms and
Gelgoogs, and that might have led to some very interesting battle scenes in
the shadow of the colony. =)

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