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>> MMP-80 90mm SMG replaced the 120mm Rifle later into the OYW.
>That sounds bogus to me. By definition, the MMP-80 must have been
>wartime MS like the ones in Gunda, Gundam 0080 or 08th MS Team. A 90mm
>MMP-*79* could've replaced the "old" 120mm during the 1YW, but not an MMP-*80*.

        Well, this is assuming the weapons are tagged by year. In the MG
Zaku II manual, it says that the 120mm is used in the early days of OYW, and
the 90mm in the later days of OYW.

        I think you actually misunderstood my question. My question is
actually whether there is a military reason for switching to the 90mm
instead of retaining the 120mm, like maybe they lost the production facility
for the 120mm (unlikely) or some such.

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