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> Another interesting tidbit I found in the manual:
> MMP-80 90mm SMG replaced the 120mm Rifle later into
> the OYW. Is there a reason given somewhere?

I suspect there are 2 reasons for this: 1) this 90mm
'Tommy Gun' has better performance than the early
120mm Zaku machine gun (such as higher firing rate,
better armor-piercing power, etc), even though it has
a smaller calibre. Like the German MP-44 assault rifle
in WWII, new weapons are always poured into battles in
the vain hope of turning the tide of war; 2) Zeon
suffers severe shortage towards the end of OYW, &
producing/maintaining parts & ammos for 90mm gun is
probably more economical than those of early guns,
that's particularly the case for the rag-tag Delaz
Fleet & the remnant Zeon holdovers on Earth after 0080.
Colin Liu.
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