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> Another interesting tidbit I found in the manual: MMP-80 90mm SMG
>replaced the 120mm Rifle later into the OYW. Is there a reason given

That sounds bogus to me. By definition, the MMP-80 must have been
developed in UC 0080 and the 1YW was effectively over by 31 December 0079,
when the Feds took out A'Bao'A'Qu, and officially over on 3 January 0080,
when the Granada Treaty was signed. Post-war MS like the ones seen in
Gundam 0083 could be equipped with a weapon developed in UC 0080, but not
wartime MS like the ones in Gunda, Gundam 0080 or 08th MS Team. A 90mm
MMP-*79* could've replaced the "old" 120mm during the 1YW, but not an MMP-*80*.

As to the "reason" for the change, Tomino and his crew simply scaled-up WW2
arms by a factor of ten to create the original MS arms. A .50 machine gun
round is roughly equivalent to 12mm. It should also be noted that all of
the original Gundam weapons were original and futuristic designs that all
used the same visual gimmick of the barrel retracting and extending when
the weapon was fired, which I presume was some sort of recoil-neutralizing

By contrast, both Federation and Zeon sidearms and MS weapons became
scaled-up versions of conventional firearms beginning with Gundam 0080.
Most modern SMG are between 5.56mm (M-16) to 9mm (the darling of military
sidearms since the P-08 Luger Parabellum), with NATO and UN forces
standardized on a 7.62mm carbine. The MMP is a 90mm because it's a
scaled-up version of a real-world 9mm SMG.


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