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> And on the subject whether Burning could have stopped the
> well, he might be able to stop Gato at Torrigan, but he won't have
> GP01 without permission. And he was already mounting up his GM then.
> did his best then, and even if he did pass the Gundam to Burning, the
> Gundams didn't meet again until AFTER the Naval Review.. Since the

Well, there was the ambush where Kou killed the Komusai and the battle on
the beach. But in either one of those, Gato would still have gotten away
since it is
not in Burning's nature to abandon his two cadets to forces that are
vastly superior
and more experienced than them. At best, we would end up having a
where Kou would have had to go after Gato in the Powered GM instead of

> And I think the change killed the story. Too many
inconsistency. If
> Gato and Uraki had died in the last meeting of the GP02A and GP01Fb,
> story will still be okay.. In fact, there'll probably be less
> about Uraki, since he died heroically. As it was, the 0083 story was
> much finished by then. The colony drop could have well been Cima's
> Story. =)

No, then it would be worse. Could you imagine the complaints that would
come up if either Keith or Monsha ended up being the pilot of the GP-03?
Keith can't hit squat, and Monsha would get slaughtered by Gato because
fights so stupidly. The only way Monsha could be a match to Gato is if he
sobered up and instantly matured by the deaths of both Burning (his long
commander) and Kou (the Kid who gave his life to kill Gato). The final
would either ended up looking like Keystone Kops (with Keith) or The
of the Maniacs (Monsha versus Cima [whoelse is going to be piloting the

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