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> << I'd laugh too, becuase the Lando Trilogy has already be
> rereleased.
> >>
> But the Lando tilogy was rereleased in one cllected novel IIRC.
> Theses people wanted the individual books I think

Fat chance of that. When I went looking for the series 6 years ago, it
was something
I had only heard about in rumor. I found 0 copies, and only one person
who had
ever really seen any of those novels. I went to every bookstore, antique
store, flea
market, and pawn shop between N. Carolina and Southern Pennsylvania
for just one of the books. This is versus the Han Solo trilogy, which
came out before
the Lando trilogy, where I was able to pick up near-mint copies of all
three books.
Besides that, from what I understand, when the Lando trilogy was
reprinted in the
single book a couple of years back, it didn't sell well at all.

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