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> >EEEEeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!
> >Now that is a nasty thought. Could you imagine if someone went into
> >bottom of that reactor, grabbed his legs from off of one of those
> >then cloned several copies of him? They did it with Luke's Hand, they
> >certainly do it with Maul's Legs.
> >
> I thought Luke got a mechanical hand to replace the one he lost?
> did you get the idea that his new hand was cloned biologically?

In either one of the later novels or comic books, someone made a clone of
Luke from his hand that was chopped off in Empire. Supposedly, whoever
the person was went on a quest for his hand right after the fight. From
what I
remember, they found it stuck in one of the vents at the bottom of Cloud

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