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>That proof, plus many others to follow in 0083, were way too costly for the
Feds. Like someone mentioned earlier in this ML, should veterans like
Burning or (wishful thinking here) Amuro other than Uraki at the GP01
cockpit, the incident should end sooner than we think.

        Would it? Remember that the Federation High Command is fractured
internally. The Naval Review is pure political, it was a waste of time and
resources that should have been immediately sent to hunt Delaz down. The
Naval Review allowed Delaz to annihilate a major portion of the Fed Navy
with a nuke.
        And on the subject whether Burning could have stopped the GP02A..
well, he might be able to stop Gato at Torrigan, but he won't have taken
GP01 without permission. And he was already mounting up his GM then. Uraki
did his best then, and even if he did pass the Gundam to Burning, the two
Gundams didn't meet again until AFTER the Naval Review.. Since the Albion
crew were busy fending off the Delaz forces from the front, the chances that
Burning would have been in position to intercept Gato is slim.
        Then let's talk about the colony. That stupid commander of the fleet
was playing games with the lives of people on the ground by betting on the
Solar mirror array. Me, I'll have throw something at the colony rather then
depending on a single shot with the Solar. It's like the guy delibrately
wanted the colony to crash.

        Given the series' Zeon bias, whatever the Fed did, it would seemed
stupid/impotent/useless/too late. The cost of Uraki's mistakes is almost
pointless against such a backdrop, since someone else in the Fed will make
another mistake and cost the Feds the same thing. If the story has been
balanced, I'll say Uraki's performance is miserable. But the fact that he
managed to do so well in a show that obviously want to make the Feds look
bad, well...

>Nina's behavoiur has more to do w/ changes/additions to the 2nd half of the
0083 story, a deja vu as in what Tomino did to Chara Soon & Mashma Serro in
ZZ Gundam I mentioned in previous msg.

        And I think the change killed the story. Too many inconsistency. If
Gato and Uraki had died in the last meeting of the GP02A and GP01Fb, the
story will still be okay.. In fact, there'll probably be less complaints
about Uraki, since he died heroically. As it was, the 0083 story was pretty
much finished by then. The colony drop could have well been Cima's Story. =)

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