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> As for the the Cima incident, I can explain it as
> wanting to prove himself to Nina, but then I'll
> become an apologist for Kou Uraki.

That proof, plus many others to follow in 0083, were
way too costly for the Feds. Like someone mentioned
earlier in this ML, should veterans like Burning or
(wishful thinking here) Amuro other than Uraki at the
GP01 cockpit, the incident should end sooner than we
think. Then again, the OVA creators had to make it
long enuff to keep fans interested.

> ...Kou Uraki is a nice boy and a fair/good pilot
> got stuck with a bad hand (and a bad girl=).

Nina's behavoiur has more to do w/ changes/additions
to the 2nd half of the 0083 story, a deja vu as in
what Tomino did to Chara Soon & Mashma Serro in ZZ
Gundam I mentioned in previous msg.

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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