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>At least Bernie planned things ahead, made do with the most limited
resouces he >had (w/ helps from Al) & achieved the unthinkable. I don't like
Uraki not >because he's not a NewType, but more on his hotheadness & rather
limited >techncial ability (of course he didn't have more maturing time than
Amuro, >Camille, etc so this should be considered) to deal with hi-tech. His
foolhardy >attempt + miscalculation almost got him killed (along w/ GP01) in
his 1st >encounter w/ Cima & her Gelgoog.

        All true. (How old is Uraki, BTW?) I can, however, understand
Uraki's behaviour because it's perfectly human. I can also understand why
pple on the list don't like Kou (I find him irritating at times too.. in
fact, except for Burning and the Bridge Crew, I find the whole cast
irritating at times. =).

        But I think pple have very high expectency of Kou because he's a
Gundam pilot. Drawing on SW analogies, it's like being expected to be a
crack pilot since you came from Luke's home planet, Tatoonie. If Kou was in
a GM, pple would say, heck, he did his best. But since he's in a Gundam,
pple call him a wimp. This isn't right, since a person should be judged by
his ability, not what he drives/pilots. Argh. This is turning into a
morality lecture. =)

        As for the the Cima incident, I can explain it as Kou wanting to
prove himself to Nina, but then I'll become an apologist for Kou Uraki.
That's not my point here.. My point is that Kou Uraki is a nice boy and a
fair/good pilot that got stuck with a bad hand (and a bad girl=). He
shouldn't be so heavily condemned for that. I'll save those condemnations
for pple who really deserve them, like Quess. =) Now, that's an MS pilot I
can grow to hate. =)

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