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(Kou Uraki)
> It seems like a lot of ppl on this list doesn't like

> Kou, but to me, he's just like Barnie of 0080.

At least Bernie planned things ahead, made do with the

most limited resouces he had (w/ helps from Al) &
achieved the unthinkable. I don't like Uraki not
because he's not a NewType, but more on his
& rather limited techncial ability (of course he
have more maturing time than Amuro, Camille, etc so
this should be considered) to deal with hi-tech. His
foolhardy attempt + miscalculation almost got him
killed (along w/ GP01) in his 1st encounter w/ Cima &
her Gelgoog.

> ...0083 has a strong Zeon bias... But it means that
> the Feds are portrayed as bumbling fools in a lot of
> cases: ...

u r right. the 0083's writer r sympathic towards Zeon
soldiers while forgetting who reaped havoc in the 1st

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