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>Mobile Suits are considerably bigger than Tie Fighters, and are roughly the
>same size as B- and Y-Wing fighters. Don't forget the an MS is huge. Another
>point is that only V2 Gundams have a tech advantage over standard Star Wars

        Opps. Forgot a X-wing is only about 12m in length. =)

>fighter craft. SW fighters have anti gravity and beam weaponry as standards,
>and pull multi-Gee maneuvers without turning their pilots into jelly. It
>isn't until Victory that MS's achieve roughly the same abilities, and with
>older Gundam technology like beam shields and Megabeam cannons, the later
>Victory MS's like the V2 would easily walk through just about anything the
>Empire could through at it.

        Still, MSes should be able to get onto the hulls of the SDs and
start punching holes relatively easy. After all, they are more nimble than
fighters, so that should help.

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