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(ZZ's Chara Soon)
> I would've thought she was one of the most
> distinctive and recognizable characters in the
> saga, what with her being the only two-tone blonde /
> redhead.
> Like Rosamia with Camille, she only had a thing for
> Judau when she was in her "domestic" mode and did
> best to kill him when she was in her "whip-snapper"
> mode.

When I first watch ZZ on TV I thought pretty much the
same way like u do, but Tomino's sudden change of
style in the series 2nd half (i.e. more seriousness,
less kiddie) was a bit disappointing on characters
like Chara and Mashma Serro. I've got that "Now I
understand why they behave like that!" feeling towards
the end of series, which took too much fun out of it.
Actually, Chara's split-personality a la Rozamia/Four
was not as apparent as in Z, but more in a hilarious
way & i kind of like that, as well as her bosom. :)

Colin Liu.
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