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>Had Lt. Burning not been piloting Powered GM but in Gundam GP01, Gato would
>have a much more diffcult time in escape from Torrington. What I was
>commenting on was the fact that during the initial encounter, Both Kou and
>Keith were scare out of their pants.

        Agreed. Burning might have been a better GP01 pilot, but Kou was in
the right (??!) place then. And you have to remember the Gundam wasn't even
supposed to be used that night, since it was only to be assigned a pilot later.
        Essentially, Kou disobeyed standing orders and tried to take back
GP02A. Whether he was trying to be a hero or just trying to "do the right
thing" is really a minor point. (In the beginning, Kou was depicted as more
of a techie than anything else. He's not really a heroic type, is he? =)

        After his dismal failure in retrieving GP02A, he was let off the
hook by our dear Nina Purpleton.. for which I want to throttle her and the
entire bridge crew. Militarily, the failure of Kou Uraki to bring back GP02A
compounds on his theft of GP01, and so he should have been in the brig for a
long long time.. Either Nina had a lot of pull, or the whole bridge crew is
insane. =]

        Incidentally, why the heck did the Feds load a nuke into a MS and
left it overnight?

>This is after GP01 undergoes transformation to GP01fb. I'll grant you that
>Kou did managed to catch up in terms of experience. He went from zero hour
>combat flight time to 100+ within 2 weeks. But it still doesn't excused the
>fact he failed to destroy a slower close quarter only MS while piloting a
>faster MS with longer range of attack. By the time he got GP01fb, the speed
>difference only increases, not decreases.

        Let's be fair to poor Uraki. 100+ hours vs. a combat ace with 1000+
hours and the reputation of the Nightmare of Solomon. There's a lot of
things Kou never even imagined that Gato had done. I'll say Kou was lucky to
get away with his life (and lucky that Keith showed up). If GP02A had a
functioning arm, GP01Fb would probably been toast. In fact, I'll say Kou's
mistake then was to close with GP02A. Given that he had a beam rifle and the
GP02A doesn't, he should have stayed at range and sniped. His poor sense of
tactics essentially got overridden by his hatred for Gato.

        I think why most pple don't like Kou is that he is a medicore pilot
assigned to a Gundam. But let's be realistic. First, 0083 is a Zeon rant. If
GP01 had a competent pilot, Gato might not have made it off Torrington.
(heck, if the Federation had been competent, he would have been stopped at
the gate.)

        Second, the OYW had been over for about 3 years. A lot of the MS
corps are filled with wet-behind-the-ears greenhorns. Having a green pilot
in a Gundam is understandable. If you really want to kill someone for
keeping Kou at the seat, shoot Purpleton.

        Third, Kou is not the first non-outstanding Gundam pilot. If you
really want to argue the point, Chris of 0080 isn't exactly that good
either. You can tell that she is competent. She actually rates quite high on
my MS pilots list. This is not intented as a slight on Chris, but just an
example to illustrate my point. But she only killed only two "live" suits
that we know of, and she lost NT1 as well. She destroyed the Kampfer, but
that was more due to surprise and lack of ammo than anything else. What's
more, she got suckered by Bernie's forest trap, and got the NT1 chopped up
by a Zaku-FZ. However, Chris did deserve to wear the "test pilot" label.

        Whereas Kou, a greenhorn not even suited to wear the label, manage
to kill two Dom Trops, a Zaku piloted by a Colonel with a long-ranged shot,
the GP-02A and the MA piloted by Kelly. That makes him an ace already.

        Kou's ability, adjusted for experience, is fair to middling on my
scale. His personality and choice of girlfriend, however, is another matter.
Don't knock on Kou so hard. He did the best he could under the
circumstances, but you must also remember that the Fed High Command was
playing internal games all the time..

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