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> >it's armed with beam rifle. It's a testiment of how poor
> Kou's piloting
> >skill that he cannot bag GP02, sort of like a F15 failing to
> shoot down a
> >FA111 in a close dogfight.
> That's unfair. First, Gato had years of experience
> shooting things
> like MSes and ships up, whereas Kou had apparently only a few years of
> experience being a target for MSes like the Powered GM. This
> difference in
> experience allowed Gato to use tricks that Kou never learnt
> to keep alive
> (like the beam saber trick)

Had Lt. Burning not been piloting Powered GM but in Gundam GP01, Gato would
have a much more diffcult time in escape from Torrington. What I was
commenting on was the fact that during the initial encounter, Both Kou and
Keith were scare out of their pants.

> Second, Kou did manage to catch and destroy the
> GP02A. A bit late,
> and he lost the GP-01Fb in the process, but he did catch it.
> For a "Test"
> pilot who had mere months of experience to be able to defeat
> a infamous
> combat ace, well, that has to count for something.

This is after GP01 undergoes transformation to GP01fb. I'll grant you that
Kou did managed to catch up in terms of experience. He went from zero hour
combat flight time to 100+ within 2 weeks. But it still doesn't excused the
fact he failed to destroy a slower close quarter only MS while piloting a
faster MS with longer range of attack. By the time he got GP01fb, the speed
difference only increases, not decreases.

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