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Fri, 04 Jun 1999 20:32:34 +0800

        Hiya. Just a quick report on my first MG, the Gundam Mk. II

        I'm on my school break right now, and finally managed to complete
the main Mk II. body. Currently it only have the beam rifle, without the
shields and fancy equipment. =) I find the beam saber holders a pain, since
they tend to wear rather fast and the sabers don't stay put very long either.

        Another problem area is the backpack. Since the backpack is a slide
down design, it's rather easy for the whole backpack to slide back up and
out of the body, since the backpack is rather light. My guess is that the
Super Gundam would have this problem, since more weight is on those slides.

        Well, as an experiment, I didn't use the foil stickers for the
eyes/optics. Instead, I painted them in with acrylics. I honestly thought I
screwed up the painting, but it turned out ok, even the back optic. <breaths
a sigh of relief>
        Anyway, I need to ask the list.. back a few months ago, some pple
mentioned using technical pens to to the panel lines. <looks around for
Probe, Edward, -Z- or Mr Zaku.. =)> Can anyone tell me the size of the pen
best suited to this purpose?

Lim Jyue
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