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><< Yep, I didn't think about that, A Gundam could just fly in the hanger bay,
> and fire his missiles inside the bay. The Tie's wouldn't be a problem for a
> fast Gundam. >>
>But wouldn't the Gundam get damaged by being right in the middle of the

        That's why the Gundam shouldn't be there when the missile goes off. =D.

        Seriously though, in the X-wing novels there was a case when a torp
went into a bay and set off the TIE fighter fuel tanks, leading to a massive
explosion in the general area. Similarly, the bridge of a SD is a favourite
target of torps and missiles. The tactics used in killing Gundam Cap Ships
will probably work as well against SDs. Remember that the guns on a SD is
not designed to kill fighters, and a MS is considerably smaller than a

        It gets more difficult to kill the MS if the M-particles work as
well. The main problem I see with MS killing SDs are: 1) the TIEs and 2) the
Shields. Otherwise, a MS team should be able to slip under the guns, shoot
up the bridge, launch bays and engines, and leave the SD to either drift or
blow up.

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