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>> So, I should glue the plastic tubes onto the metal spring?
>No! I meant gluing the two ends of the inner rod to the torso.
         I understand, but should I glue the tubes/loops onto the metal
What I did was glue one end of the inner plastic hose to the face, then I put
on all of the sprigs and plastic rings, and finally I glued on the other end
of the inner plastic hose. OTher wise it just keeps falling off and is also
hard to push in because of the spring.

>If you are thinking about the Zaku FZ from 0080, they are completely
>different designs.
         Do you mean that the kits are designed ny different pple? Or maybe
 that's why it's a FZ design?

Yeah Izubichi designed the FZ and Kunio Okarawa designed the Regular Zaku

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