Mark Kuettner (
Fri, 04 Jun 1999 03:46:28 PDT

> >There is just too many other MS that deserve to be MG'd before a F91
> >MG kit. Just think of the CCA, 0080, 0083 and 8th team MS's that
> >could be done.
>Hmm, I dunno about 08th MS Team... and Bandai sure did not stop to make
>sure all OYW designs got the MG treatment before the Zeta and 0083 MGs
>were released. Of course, since MG Zeta lost money and I'd presume so
>did the MG GP-02A, since they are of the same price range and the GP-02A
>doesn't even transform (read: less gimmicks)... which sent Bandai back
>to cry with its mom (oops I meant OYW designs)...

Its just the whole Zaku MG boom suprised me...I had no idea people
liked the Zaku so much. I don't mind more OYW MG's as long as they
have a little modernizing, but I think a lot of people are really
ready for something from CCA or 0080. Talk of a possible MG ZZ Gundam
and 100-shiki really made me sit up...I hope they follow through on
these, and a MG Rick-Dias kit would be welcome too.

Mark Kai =>:~

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