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>Go brother! I respect Kou in the fact that he did manage to "catch-up" to
>Gato's piloting skills in a matter of weeks. No matter what you say about
>Kou (or what I'll say about him later), you have to respect his quick
>learning skills. Otherwise...
        He's not my favourite MS pilot, but he isn't the one I hate most
either. (Quess has the dubious honour. =)

>Actually, to say the two are alike is completely wrong.

        I was actually meaning their personality, not why they fight. Both
men are shy-ish, lacks confidence in their own ability, but learnt to do
with what they had in a bad situation. In that way, it's easy to relate to
both of them.

>Bernie, not Barnie, fought against the Gundam because if he didn't, the

        I just realised what a big typo that was. Imagine a purple dino in
the cockpit of a MS! *chuckle*

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