Mark Kuettner (
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 22:24:56 PDT

> > I don't know about the rest of you but I'd love to see the F-91 get
> >MGed...makes me mouthwater to think of those beautiful VSBRs and Bazooka
> >Beam shields. heck the 1/100 F-91 was pretty good especially good
> >too but a larger MG version would be awesome. Fat chance of it happening
> >the near future though....
>If they do a MG of F91 it better be in 1/60 scale... otherwise the kit
>will be too small. The 1/60 toy/model is sweet but as a model it sucked
>in terms of articulation. That'd certainly be the area where a 1/60 MG
>F91 kit can improve upon.

There is just too many other MS that deserve to be MG'd before a F91
MG kit. Just think of the CCA, 0080, 0083 and 8th team MS's that
could be done.

Mark Kai

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