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0080 and 0083 spoilers dead ahead. You've been warned

> That's unfair. First, Gato had years of experience shooting things
> like MSes and ships up, whereas Kou had apparently only a few years of
> experience being a target for MSes like the Powered GM. This difference in
> experience allowed Gato to use tricks that Kou never learnt to keep alive
> (like the beam saber trick)

Go brother! I respect Kou in the fact that he did manage to "catch-up" to
Gato's piloting skills in a matter of weeks. No matter what you say about
Kou (or what I'll say about him later), you have to respect his quick
learning skills. Otherwise...

> Thirdly, 0083 has a strong Zeon bias. Nothing wrong with
> that, since
> it was the first show I've seen that talks about the war from a Zeon POV.
> But it means that the Feds are portrayed as bumbling fools in a lot of
> cases: Security at the base was light enough for Gato to hitch a ride in,
> the Albion couldn't get itself off the ground during combat, the other
> platoon got ambushed and destoryed without killing a single opponent, the
> Albion is always cronically late for things like the HLV launch and the
> critical intercept point, etc. etc.

However, it was portrayed in a fairly unrealistic manner. I could
understand Gato was able to slip through in a Uniform, but to say that
Australia Base was lightly armed as that was kinda incredioulus, especially
with a base with Nuke armaments. I can guarantee you that most military
bases would be more armoured than the protrayal we saw in 0083.

> It seems like a lot of pple on this list doesn't like Kou, but to
> me, he's just like Barnie of 0080. These guys are non-NTs, made to do the
> best they can in a bad situation, and so forth. The only
> difference is that
> Kou pilots a top-of-the-line Gundam, while Barnie pilots a Zaku FZ.

Actually, to say the two are alike is completely wrong.

Bernie, not Barnie, fought against the Gundam because if he didn't, the
colony would be nuked, causing millions of casulties. Granted, he was
acting partly to save Christina and Al, but regardless of what happened, it
would be highly plausible that he'd acted in that manner regardless of
Christina and Al. Or at least I'd like to think that way.

Kou on the other hand, was seething with himself and others because he lost
the GP02 early when. I think part that drove him the most was to retrieve
the Gundams, but another part was driven by the need for vengence. You can
almost see him change during the course of events that takes place during
0083, from a green test pilot to a seething veteran. His face and the way
it changes is a big indication that he is no longer the man he used to be.
Even in the end, when he knows all's going to be alright (at least until
0087), he still has that dark look about him. But then again, any corrupt
organization would probably do that to you.

Vengence is a dish best served cold, one man said. Too much though, and it
clouds your heart.

Y. "Jar Jar Binks is best served cold" Choe

Not to say that I hate the little bugger, but hes a bitsa annoyingsa, mesa

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