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>it's armed with beam rifle. It's a testiment of how poor Kou's piloting
>skill that he cannot bag GP02, sort of like a F15 failing to shoot down a
>FA111 in a close dogfight.

        That's unfair. First, Gato had years of experience shooting things
like MSes and ships up, whereas Kou had apparently only a few years of
experience being a target for MSes like the Powered GM. This difference in
experience allowed Gato to use tricks that Kou never learnt to keep alive
(like the beam saber trick)

        Second, Kou did manage to catch and destroy the GP02A. A bit late,
and he lost the GP-01Fb in the process, but he did catch it. For a "Test"
pilot who had mere months of experience to be able to defeat a infamous
combat ace, well, that has to count for something.

        Thirdly, 0083 has a strong Zeon bias. Nothing wrong with that, since
it was the first show I've seen that talks about the war from a Zeon POV.
But it means that the Feds are portrayed as bumbling fools in a lot of
cases: Security at the base was light enough for Gato to hitch a ride in,
the Albion couldn't get itself off the ground during combat, the other
platoon got ambushed and destoryed without killing a single opponent, the
Albion is always cronically late for things like the HLV launch and the
critical intercept point, etc. etc.

        It seems like a lot of pple on this list doesn't like Kou, but to
me, he's just like Barnie of 0080. These guys are non-NTs, made to do the
best they can in a bad situation, and so forth. The only difference is that
Kou pilots a top-of-the-line Gundam, while Barnie pilots a Zaku FZ.

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