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> > Answer: Yes. How? If Qui-Gon and Obiwan hadn't met him, 1) They would
> > have found out about the Gungans (remember the Gungans don't have
> Hey, even the moronic Trade Federation aliens "heard rumors of" the
> Gungans. They didn't need the clumsiest alien in known space to help
> them there.

Right, rumors. Kind of like I heard: rumors there used to be another
called Atlantis, rumors that ZZ is going to be the next Master Grade
rumors that Isreal is an atomic power, etc. Rumors are sometimes based in
sometimes they aren't. The Trade Federation didn't know if this rumor was
a fact,
so they had to check it out. Whatever they heard must have been highly
if the Gungans had enough time to get *all* of their people out of their
cities and not
have to face the droids, when the droids *landed* in their swamps in the

> Yes, they needed a comical accident to find out about a useful
> for a weapon *they invented*. Contrived? Wow, never would have
> of actually USING the weapons on the droids and their tanks while we
> retreating, thanks Jar Jar.

Ever think that maybe they were using the weapons in a way that they
meant for in the first place? Considering that the Gungans really aren't
dwelling people, maybe their real weapons aren't built around surface
Here's a scary thought: suppose that the weapons they used were
hold-overs from
the last time they had a surface war, several hundred years in the past.
It strikes me
that maybe for swamp warfare, using simplistic weapons such as slings and
would be most effective. After all, these are weapons that are always
don't shrink, short, or clog when used in swampy environments, and the
looks like they could have a biological background (since they look like
they are
some type of plasma put into glass balls). The only high-tech device it
looked like
they used was their shield, and that looks like it is based off of the
shields they
use around their cities.

> a jedi the first time he showed up. *Return* of which Jedi, Ben?

Nope, Luke. Kind of simplistic actually. He defeats the Emperor and Darth
and restores balance to the Force. Think about it, in Luke we see an
individual who
has walked both paths of the Force and found a path in the middle.

> division or so of weaponed stormtroopers with armor support. So,


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