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> How many of us here actually have wife and kids, or a very understanding
> girlfriend.
> My better half and I have been together for 12 years as of this 19th.
> Planing on getting marry next August. Because of this, I will probably be
> selling most of my stuff, including all those garage kits :(

I don't have a girlfriend or wife. I woulldn't want to live with or date
someone that makes me give up my hobby's or interests, to be with them. The
supposed she should, if not like my interests, at least respect or accept
them. I would not want someone that makes me change my interests, just for
them. If I would date or marry, someone, I would respect/accept their
interests and hobby's and expect the same from them. This may sound selfish,
but if someone date's me, they will/should respect me for what I am, not what
I should be. I think that's why so many relationships don't wrok, people in
them usually want someone to be what they are not, not what they actually

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