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> > he help the protagonists, provide any useful info or action? No. Did
> he
> Answer: Yes. How? If Qui-Gon and Obiwan hadn't met him, 1) They would
> never
> have found out about the Gungans (remember the Gungans don't have any

Hey, even the moronic Trade Federation aliens "heard rumors of" the
Gungans. They didn't need the clumsiest alien in known space to help
them there.

> had a guide through the core (especially since the Gungans could care
> less about

Although they requested him as a navigator he quickly stopped being useful
and they eventually fared better with him shut up.

> the surface worlders), 3) As a diversion; if he contributed nothing else
> to the
> battle with his antics, he provided a diversion when he broke that gate
> and let all of
> those powerballs hit those tanks.

Yes, they needed a comical accident to find out about a useful deployment
for a weapon *they invented*. Contrived? Wow, never would have thought
of actually USING the weapons on the droids and their tanks while we were
retreating, thanks Jar Jar.

> lighthearted movie of ANH and the Dark movie of Empire. Return was
> supposed
> to be the balance, hence the name change from Revenge of the Jedi to
> Return. Without

The title was to be "Revenge of the Jedi" until some fan wrote Lucas and
reminded him that a jedi would not be the revenge seeking type. So he
changed the title. Which, by the way, makes no sense because he wasn't
a jedi the first time he showed up. *Return* of which Jedi, Ben?

> the Ewoks, the major scenes in the movie would have revolved around
> either a
> desperate last dogfight around the Death Star and Luke's showdown with
> his father
> and the Emperor. While not exactly light, that dogfight beconigns back to
> ANH,
> while the Showdown is definately Empire Strikes Back, Part Two. The Ewoks
> were
> the middle ground, a ground war (like Hoth in Empire) where there are
> casualties,
> but this time the goodguys are winning.

Rumors of Endor initially being the wookie homeworld would have provided
the same plot elements you attribute to the Ewoks while taking out the
unbelieveable premise that a bunch of furry dwarves could take out a
division or so of weaponed stormtroopers with armor support. So, let's
see, we still get the good guys winning, a better fight, and a plausible
adversary to Imperial troops while still being basically primitive (no
fighters, arty, etc.) and mysterious.

> You didn't listen very well to the movie, did you? I'd suggest watching
> it a second time without bias.
> Midichlorians aren't a drug or a substance, they are supposed to be
> biological
> beings. While everybody has them, not everybody has enough of them to be
> able
> to hear them, feel them, and use them. Here's a funny thought, what if
> midichlorians

You don't read very well, do you? I know what they were explained to be
(symbionts) and also the random amounts per person. My point was that
the more powerful jedis end up with more of them. So, yank some out of
a few evil jedis' arms, store them, and give a true bastard like Maul or
Vader a syringe full of them for when he really needs them. It's not like
they would fight fair in the first place so why not take advantage of a
detectable, non-mystical, easily locateable source of the force? And
biological beings can be *bred* or grown, depending on type. Aw, but that
would further fuck up the force explanation that Lucas is already confusing
on his own.

It really *is* impossible for some people to stop cutting so much slack
for mediocre elements of their favorite movies/universes/story lines,
isn't it? I'm reminded of William Shatner on "Saturday Night Live"
pretending to be at a Star Trek convention. If only those actors would
really pull that at a convention. I'd pay big money to be there. If it's
really only "just a movie" then why defend the crap parts of it so hard?


"They exit quickly.  The ship explodes, which stops all the droids and
 just makes everything great, because it's always enjoyable when a
 serious conflict is resolved with a slapstick accident."

- Rod Hilton, on "Phantom Menace" shortcomings

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