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> Subject: [gundam] Gundam vs. Star Wars
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> > I wonder how a squad of Gundams would fare against a star destroyer and
> > its wing of tie fighters.
> Everyone may strangle me, but I couldn't resist this! Gundam's would take 'em
> all down! Tie Fighters have no sheilds at all. Tie's would be easy pickens
> for Gundams. A Star Destroyer could be a problem, but not if the Gundam's
> have long range missle's and use their sheilds. Of course, you'd have to take
> out the S. Destroyer's sheild generations first. Has Star Wars and Gundam
> been compared, yet? I have a feeling the flood gates have opened :)

Ha ha, I was kidding. But using your imagination is fun, yes? Let me just
say that no way could (for argument's sake) say 8 gundams range and hit that
many tie fighters all at once, shieldless or not. Hits would be made, those
things are too small and maneuverable to get whacked like approaching Zakus.
One hit and they're gone, but I don't see them being completely useless.


"They exit quickly.  The ship explodes, which stops all the droids and
 just makes everything great, because it's always enjoyable when a
 serious conflict is resolved with a slapstick accident."

- Rod Hilton, on "Phantom Menace" shortcomings

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