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> > > GP-02A might have a high initial ranking, but when
> > > you add in the factors that the only things it
> > > destroyed were Fed Cruisers (which historically have
> > > been killed with one hit), it didn't destroy a single
> > > MS (onscreen), and it was destroyed after...
> >
> > Just for the record, before approaching Solomon, the
> > Gato/GP-02A DID destroy one GM (slashed into halves w/
> > beam sabres) & before that it TRAMPLED a Fed's
> > auto-turret. All these are from the 0083 OVA.
> Right, but look at it: One GM, and an automated camera turret. So you
> are looking at those 2, plus a bunch of cruisers that have a
> history of
> being destroyed with one hit. Not a good kill sheet so far.

Plus, Gundam GP02 is never designed for long range combat against MS. It's
target has always been Capital ships. For that purpose, it only has 2
vulcan cannons and 2 Beam saber, both are considered close quarter self
defense weapon. GP01 was designed to be the escort for GP02, that's why
it's armed with beam rifle. It's a testiment of how poor Kou's piloting
skill that he cannot bag GP02, sort of like a F15 failing to shoot down a
FA111 in a close dogfight.
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