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> > >I'll agree with the next person that Jarr-Jarr was annoying, but to
> > >the whole movie because of one character is being pretty damn anal.
> >
> > Actually he's an outer space Goofy. People who diss him because
> > can't get past the accent and weird syntax/word choice simply don't
> > get it.
> I could really care less about his accent compared to the bigger
> that he added *nothing* to the movie. Understand? Nothing. Not
> I liked", but nothing. Was he funny? No. Was he interesting? No.

My response to first two questions: Somewhat, not really.

> he help the protagonists, provide any useful info or action? No. Did

Answer: Yes. How? If Qui-Gon and Obiwan hadn't met him, 1) They would
have found out about the Gungans (remember the Gungans don't have any
representatives in the Republic Senate, so it stands to reason that the
Senate doesn't
know about them), 2) If they had found out about the Gungans, they
wouldn't have
had a guide through the core (especially since the Gungans could care
less about
the surface worlders), 3) As a diversion; if he contributed nothing else
to the
battle with his antics, he provided a diversion when he broke that gate
and let all of
those powerballs hit those tanks.

> suck up a load of camera time? Yes. He's just one of the *many*
> to damn that movie. And, of course, there were many reasons to love
> movie, too.

And yours is the exact kind of response that I was refering to in my
first post.

> > >Same here. The Ewoks were always kind of cute in my book and I've
> > >found them to be the element needed to lighten a rather dark movie.
> >
> > You refer to the... balance of the Force? ;)
> *Needed* to lighten a rather dark movie? Why would it be needed? If

Return was supposed to be the balancing movie of the first series. You
had the
lighthearted movie of ANH and the Dark movie of Empire. Return was
to be the balance, hence the name change from Revenge of the Jedi to
Return. Without
the Ewoks, the major scenes in the movie would have revolved around
either a
desperate last dogfight around the Death Star and Luke's showdown with
his father
and the Emperor. While not exactly light, that dogfight beconigns back to
while the Showdown is definately Empire Strikes Back, Part Two. The Ewoks
the middle ground, a ground war (like Hoth in Empire) where there are
but this time the goodguys are winning.

> story is dark, film it dark. Or use another story. Empire was the
> movie, not Jedi. That balance of the force thing better have a better

Exactly, hence the need for the Ewoks to balance things out.

> explanation than that midichlorian crap, too. What's to stop Darth
> from injecting himself with a turbo shot of midichlorians and simply

You didn't listen very well to the movie, did you? I'd suggest watching
it a
second time without bias.
Midichlorians aren't a drug or a substance, they are supposed to be
beings. While everybody has them, not everybody has enough of them to be
to hear them, feel them, and use them. Here's a funny thought, what if
aren't actually beings at all. What if someone was doing research on the
Jedi to find
out what makes them so different from the baselines of their respective
races, but so
much the same between each other, and discovered that they all have the
mutation. Then instead of admitting that they are mutants and their use
of the Force
is a mutation, the Jedi began the myth that their abilities come from
biological beings
that exist in everyone that are called "midichlorians". Here it is a
couple of thousand
years down the road, and everyone believes this instead of knowing the
truth. It kind
of puts a new spin on what could happen if New Types had continued to
in Gundam. A couple of thousand years down the road, they are the Jedi of
Gundam universe.

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