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> When Lucas made Episode IV, he had inputs from his actors regarding
> the dialog Lucas wrote that sounded good on paper but undeliverable
> on film. This time around, it's Lucas the dictator. You either do
> what he says or you walk with your pink slip. Nothing personal

Can't say too much about this, since I didn't really keep up on the
production of the movie.

> >I'll agree with the next person that Jarr-Jarr was
> >annoying, but to damn the whole movie because of one character is
> >pretty damn anal.
> Actually he's an outer space Goofy. People who diss him because they
> can't get past the accent and weird syntax/word choice simply don't
get it.

Funny thing is, the second time around, I had no problems understanding
Even funnier, my sister went to see it with me the second time I went.
She couldn't
understand what I was talking about when I had said that he wasn't
She pointed out to me that Jarr-Jarr and the whole Gungan race were
Jamaican and
Carribean. From what she was saying, their accents, manner of speaking,
and looks
were based almost completely off of Jamaican and Carribean culture. The
was the final celebration which was taken almost completely from Mardi
Gras. Once
she pointed that out to me, everything fell into place, from the way they
talked, to
their accents, to way the ears on the warrior Gungans looked, right on
down to how
much their rides looked like Jamaican Stilt-Walkers during that final
If you've never met Jamaicans or been to Jamaica, then the Gungans are
alien to you.

> >Same here. The Ewoks were always kind of cute in my book and I've
> >found them to be the element needed to lighten a rather dark movie.
> You refer to the... balance of the Force? ;)

Yup, see my other post on this thread.

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