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> I know that Bandai will replaced the part if I send in a request,
> but this require me to have contacts in Japan proper. Since I've never done
> it before, and I have no contacts in Japan itself, I'll like to ask the
> members of the list if anyone here is willing to help me out by 1) getting
> the part for me and then mailing it back to me or 2) introducing me to a
> contact in Japan who can do the same thing for me.

You can order replacement (or extra) parts through Hobby Link Japan. I've
never tried it, but they do have this option available. Their link is,

 <A HREF="">HobbyLink Japan Home Page</A>

Good luck with finding or building a replacement. I had a similar problem
with a model once, and just scratch built a replacement out of a plastic
notebook divider. Pretty much anything made from sheet plastic will do in
kind of situation.

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