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> Would that be fair? The GP-02A did major damage with a single nuke.

Actually, it could be quite fair. We would be looking at the complete
record, not just what it destroyed or how long it was in service. It
would have to
be a complete overview of everything it did. GP-02A might have a high
initial ranking,
but when you add in the factors that the only things it destroyed were
Fed Cruisers
(which historically have been killed with one hit), it didn't destroy a
single MS
(onscreen), and it was destroyed after being used one time would all
favor negatively
on it. Now if you take a Gundam like the GP-01 (in both incarnations), it
a Komusai, several Zakus, and a Gelgoog (while it was technically
disabled from
faulty software) before it was damaged and upgraded, then destroyed
several dozen
other MS before facing off with the GP-02A and destroying it (probably
the only
Gundam that has killed another Gundam), then you are looking at a pretty
service record, despite the inexperience of the pilot flying it.

> The Nu probably won't rank high since it wasn't in service long

I don't think it would really matter. Look at what it did during the
short time
it was in service. It faced off against two expertly pilot MS and a
massive MA at
the same time and destroyed the MS and severely damaged the MA, it
several dozen other MS, plus it saved the Earth by moving a blasted
pretty much by itself. I don't think any other Gundam or specialty MS has

anywhere near that kind of record.

> Looks like the original RX-78-2 would take top honors, since it was in
> service long enough and strikes fear in the heart of most low ranking
> pilots of Zion and they'd know to run their ass off if "the white MS"

True. I think the original Gundam will come in top place. If it doesn't,
will at least be in second place.

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